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About TypingMaster

TypingMaster is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to learn how to type in a fast and efficient manner. The software uses a teaching system called touchtyping, which enables users to learn the placement of all keys on the keyboard step by step. Additionally, TypingMaster includes an option to learn typing using the numeric keyboard, making it a holistic typing education program.
One of the key features of TypingMaster is its on-screen keyboard, which ensures that users are looking at the screen rather than the keyboard. This is an important step in the journey towards touchtyping, as users must break the habit of looking at the keyboard in order to type quickly and accurately. From there, users will become accustomed to not looking at the keys at all, as they will have memorized their placement.
In addition to the instructional aspects of TypingMaster, the program also includes exams, certificates, and statistics. This allows users to track their progress, see how they are improving, and gain recognition for their achievements. The program is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, so users can easily navigate through each section and understand their progress.
Overall, TypingMaster is a comprehensive and effective typing education program. It covers all aspects of touchtyping, including keyboard placement, on-screen keyboard usage, and numeric keyboard typing. Additionally, the program includes exam options, certificates, and statistics to track progress and encourage improvement. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced typist, TypingMaster can help you improve your typing skills and increase your productivity.

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


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  • Click on the Download button to start downloading TypingMaster for Windows.
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