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About NetTerm

NetTerm is a versatile network terminal application that functions as a Telnet client for locally attached Ethernet networks and supports dial-up networking using Winsock protocols. With support for popular file transfer protocols like Zmodem and Kermit, it offers a comprehensive solution for network communication and file transfer needs.

Key Features

1. Telnet Client for Ethernet Networks
NetTerm serves as a powerful Telnet client, allowing users to connect to and interact with remote systems and devices on a locally attached Ethernet network. It provides a secure and efficient way to establish terminal sessions and execute commands on remote machines.

2. Dial-Up Networking Client with Winsock Protocols
In addition to Ethernet networks, NetTerm supports dial-up networking by utilizing Winsock protocols. This allows users to establish connections with remote systems via a modem, expanding the application's versatility and accessibility.

3. Support for File Transfer Protocols
NetTerm includes support for popular file transfer protocols, namely Zmodem and Kermit, on both Ethernet networks and bulletin boards. Users can safely and efficiently transfer files between their local machine and remote systems, facilitating seamless data exchange.

4. Launch from Web Browsers
NetTerm offers the convenience of being launched directly from within your favorite web browser. With this feature, users can quickly access NetTerm and initiate Telnet sessions or file transfers without the need to switch between multiple applications.

NetTerm is a robust network terminal application that combines the functionality of a Telnet client for Ethernet networks and a dial-up networking client using Winsock protocols. With support for essential file transfer protocols and the ability to launch directly from web browsers, it offers a comprehensive solution for network communication, terminal sessions, and file transfers. Whether connecting to remote machines or exchanging files between systems, NetTerm provides a reliable and efficient platform for network-related tasks.

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Updated onSeptember 3, 2012
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September 3, 2012
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